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PRINTCARE MAJEWSKI GRZELAK SPÓŁKA KOMANDYTOWA implements project „Implementation of innovative digital tools supporting procurement process and automating repeatable business processes that occur in companies working in Print Management industry branch” co-financed by European Union through The European Regional Development Fund within the Action „6.2 MŚP support in field of digitization – Voucher for digitization”. Operational Program Intelligent Development 2014-2020.


Project’s objective is purchase and implementation into company of two IT tools supporting digitization of business processes of the Company connected to automation:

  • repeatable business processes by using software robots in RPA/RDA technology

  • procurement processes – automation of process of placing orders by customers and ordering materials with suppliers through purchase of proprietary software


Specific objectives:

  • purchase of 3 year software license with unlimited number of users for automating of business processes based on RPA/RDA technology

  • purchase and implementing of IT system that improves process of placing and execution of orders, process of material deliveries and process of entering order sinto currently used system


Goals will be achieved by completion of the following actions:

  • purchase of ready software; software will be a ready robotic platform which will be used in all organizational processes by PRINTCARE MAJEWSKI GRZELAK SPÓŁKA KOMANDYTOWA

  • purchase of IT service; system will enable modification and significant improvement of processes which currently require human work. Thanks to its implementation Beneficiary will significantly increase the efficiency of the services provided to its customers


Expected effects of the project:

  • Project realization , achieving of assumed effect and implementation of digitised solutions in the company will contribute to aquiring new customers, improve emploees’ efficiency and company's competitiveness thanks to which it will be conducting printing services faster and in effect quantity and quality of processed orders should improve significantly.


Project implementation period: 01.05.2022 r. – 30.04.2023 r.

Total value of the project: 299 800,00 PLN

The value of eligible expenses: 299 800,00 PLN

Co-financing of the project from the European Union: 254 830,00 PLN


Funded as part of the EU response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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